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PARCC Testing Schedule
Posted On:
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ocean City High School

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Ocean City, NJ 08226-3892

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Matthew Jamison, Ed.D.



Dear Parents/Guardians:                                                                                                        April 2018

 As you may know, the PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Career) assessment is the state testing platform. This assessment also serves as the state graduation testing requirement. PARCC is the only assessment to have college-ready achievement standards, which are comparable to the difficulty in NAEP. It’s also a test that provides better access for those in need of additional supports. PARCC will test all students enrolled in the following courses:

Algebra I                    English 9

Geometry                   English 10

Algebra II                   English 11

Special Notes: 

·        If a student is “doubled up” in Math, Algebra takes precedent over Geometry.

·        If a student is “doubled up” in ELA, ELA 10 takes precedent over ELA 9 or 11.

·        Beginning with the class of 2021, students must pass PARCC Algebra I and ELA 10 to meet the state graduation testing requirement. The alternative test schedule (SAT/ASVAB/ACT etc…) is no longer accepted in place of PARCC.

A purpose of this testing system is to determine a student’s ability to apply a broad range of concepts rather than memorizing facts.   PARCC will help the school collect and report information about student academic achievement in order to inform instruction, measure student academic growth, and provide parents with a snapshot of their child’s progress, while also allowing us to assess the effectiveness of our school. So parents and students can familiarize themselves with PARCC and sample tests/items, the following links can be accessed: and

The best preparation for this assessment or any assessment is the rigorous instruction your student receives throughout the year in the classrooms. I’m confident that our teachers have prepared the students for the PARCC and our students will perform well. I encourage parents to talk with their students about the PARCC in terms of the information provided in this letter so to reduce unnecessary “worry” over the PARCC assessment.

PARCC Testing Schedule 2018


·        Students will be given their testing assignments and reporting location prior to the first day of testing. The English test has 3 sessions and Math has 3 sessions.

·        All students report to school at the normal time and all school bus runs are at the regularly scheduled times.

·        Testing will be held in the morning only and during testing no classes will be in session.

·        Students are advised to bring their own headphones/earbuds for ELA sessions. A limited supply of headphones is available for students in need.


OCHS PARCC Testing schedule 4/17/18 - 4/19/18




















“Zero” Day

All classes meet


AM Classes 1-4


PM Classes 5-8

Eng 9-10-11

Section I & II



Per 1

Per 2


Eng 9-10-11

Section III

Alg I-Geo-Alg II

Section I


Per 3

Per 4

Per 5


Alg I-Geo-Alg II

Section II & III



Per 6

Per 7

Per 8

“Zero” Day

All classes meet


AM Classes 1-4


PM Classes 5-8


Special note:

·        If a student misses a test, they will be contacted individually for makeups.

The following activities are planned for Seniors (that are not testing) from 7:50 till Lunch each day:

      April 17 – Senior Mind Mapping for College/Careers, AP Sessions, Study Hall

      April 18 – Senior Breakfast, AP Sessions, Study Hall

      April 19 – Senior Field Day, AP Sessions, Study Hall

In closing, I would like to thank you for your commitment to our children and our schools. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s counselor or me.



Matthew Jamison, Ed.D


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