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March Student of the Month
Posted On:
Friday, April 15, 2016

March Student's of the Month: Carolyn Reade and Matthew Torrence

Carolyn, a senior at OCHS, is described by her teachers as an all-around great person—one that always has a smile on her face, kind to fellow classmates, and works hard in class. Several teachers have stated that Carolyn is very enthusiastic, personable, and friendly. One teacher commented that Carolyn’s rapport with teachers and students is one that stresses respect and comfort. Carolyn is known for always trying to do her best at all times.

Matt, a junior at OCHS, is described by his teachers as being responsible with both schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Matt is known to participate in class discussions, is always punctual, and works well with other students. One teacher stated that Matt has a positive attitude and is polite, respectful, and responsible each and every day. Matt is always interested and focused on content and cooperative in peer and group work sessions.

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