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December Student of the Month
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Avi Rabia and Mrs. Elco's French 2 Honors Class Period 1


Avi, a sophomore, is described by his teachers as a student that has an insatiable curiosity for learning. He goes above and beyond with every single aspect of being a student. Avi is also very passionate about helping others learn. One teacher stated that “it is truly a gift to have Avi as a student.” Another teacher commented that besides an incredible mind, Avi has a beautiful soul. Avi has the highest moral and ethical characteristics. He truly enjoys helping others, with a modest and a helpful approach that does not intimidate. This leads him to work well with other students as a team. His smile is contagious, and he brightens the room every day. Avi brings a positive energy to the classroom, and works tirelessly to achieve the goals he has set for himself.

Honors French 2 Class: Christian Adams, Caroline Byrne, Kasey Clifford, Lauren Farschon, Nicole Fox, Nick Gartner, Maxine Harkins, Tony Herouvis, Andrew Holloway, Phoenix Holmes, Kelsey Lenoir, Peyton Meyler, Kelem Nyarko, Lara Olohan, Sophia Ritzel, Ingrid Rivero-Bautista, Colton Scanlon, Katie Strunk

Madam Elco’s Honors French 2 Class took it upon themselves to help a classmate in a special way during the holidays. This particular student mentioned he had a family member facing a health challenge. Concerned for the student and his family member, the rest of the class quietly worked together to make the holiday and everyday life better for the student and his family. The entire class prepared cards, donated money for gift cards (over $250), and continue to help with preparing meals for the family during this difficult time. The class stated “ we want to do this to make this difficult time easier for him and we want to make it a surprise.”

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