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Wellness Center Happenings
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Thursday, October 19, 2017
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The Wellness Center provides a more specific place for students to relax, de-stress and get connected to mental health resources and help. To help with this process we have provided workshops and classes for students to participate in. 

The Vision Board Workshop was led by Jill Berenato and Molly McKeefery, an extension program art teacher and art therapist. The students were led to create a board with collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of their dreams, goals, and things that make them happy. The lesson plan of this workshop was to help the students conceptualize their goals and serve as a source of motivation to work towards achieving their likes and dreams. 30 students pre-registed and capacity was reached so there is another workshop planned for next week!

The main concept:

·         Reflect upon your goals.

·         Think about the big questions.

·         Break down the big questions.

·         Choose your theme

Hip-Hop Yoga started two weeks ago. The class was led by Jill Berenato, with assistance from Dance instructor, Alyssa Morrison. 26 students from the dance program attended for a "trial" class. They were led in a class of movement and stretching to uptempo music, with traditional yoga poses interspersed. Bi-weekly classes will begin in November during community lunch and students have the opportunity to utilize the mats anytime.


November workshops are going to utilize art therapy by way of painting. The students will sign up to create a canvas painting without regard to their ability and focusing on their creativity, individuality and showing how painting is yet another coping mechanism in times of stress.


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